Why does everyone want to know gender?



I've been noticing that when someone comments something nice, people also want to know their gender. Why? Does it make them better, nicer? :thinking: Please tell me why people want to know!
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SBYP there is already a topic for this


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They probably want to know whether to call them "she" or "he".

@Simplysoutherngurl, this is not a "What is your gender?" topic, this is a "Why do people want to know others' gender?" topic, so there isn't a topic about this already.

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The reason is because of how to refer a person as, which is very commonplace.


They may do that just because it's interesting and they're curious, or if they want to know if they should use him, her, or them to adress the other.


I want to know so I don't accidentally offend someone calling them by the gender they aren't. :smile:


They want to know to call u 'she' or 'he' 'hers' 'his' ect :D most likely!


I think it's just so they don't call them to wrong gender XD Ima lady :D


Or ze
I think


I dunno…
Maybe that people don't want to offend others by calling a she a he?
I'm a dudette, BTW.:wink: