Why does everyone not like me?


I want some people to mute because everyone always gets mad at me for making one small mistake OH MY GOD people don't any of you have respect for me?!
@sparkczy it wasn't in her musical.ly it was DeviantArt I saw her first name and some kind of last name after that. I'm sorry @lotsapizza I didn't mean to be mean. I've been threatened online that someone was gonna call the cops on me before because they were ■■■■■■■■ me, don't worry!


I have respect for you! Just mayb try to be a bit nicer and not use offending religion comments such as "Jesus Christ!"


I remeber saying something to you about how nice you were about 5 months ago!


Well we're just small specs on the earth nobody cares about us. Nobody cares about me.


We all care about you! Right everyone!


WRONG everyone!! I make small mistakes and everyone thinks I'm some creepy stalker guy and a bully!!


Just try to be nicer....:confounded:


You are really nice! And super helpful and funny..I would just refrain from using terms like "Jesus Christ!"


I personally think you're super cool. You're so devoted to you favorite book series, I have never met a nine year old who read Harry Potter! I gave up on that series, actually. You're really nice to me. I think people should lay off of you.


It's just constructive criticism!


What????? You are NOT a bully! Whoever says that is probably jealous. You are really smart too. I can barely do a quiz, and you can do an awesome Easter one!


I'm sorry :sob::confounded: @friendship2468 your awesome and cool just try to be a little nicer ;D


You can phrase that in a nicer way...


Do you guys wanna know what happened?!
Vanilla owl asked for lp's name and I'd dint know she meant social media so I said I knew her name but wouldn't small the full thing for security reasons and ipeveryone knows her first so I said its Dia. She said musical.ly. I IDK'd and I came back to hate posts written to me like I'm a creepy stalker and then poptart started deleting my posts. Lotsapizza thinking I'm creepy now.


Nonono don't cry I didn't know I thought it was mean I have to go to bed sorry bye


Then VanillaOwl shouldn't have asked. People have to realize you just saw her musical.ly, you don't sound like a stalker to me. Knowing someone's name on the internet isn't what stalking is.


Hmm...what topic was this in? I knew her name too. She posted it somewhere. People were taking about their first names. If you don't want your name to ever be used, don't share it. Common sense. You are not a stalker, Vanilla Owl should have been more specific.


Please try to be nicer and not share other people's private info on the forum :unamused:


There's no reason for this to be closed.


It was a small mistake. I'm not sure what happened, but I've told people my name before. It'll be fine, nobody's gonna turn up at your house. I understand you're upset, but if you didn't want your name on the forum, you shouldn't have posted it on musical.ly.