Why does everyone flag everything I post? Do you WANT me to quit?



Ok seriously. Everything I say or do you flag off topic or not, you seem to think it's funny. No. It's not. Also, do i flag YOU for no reason? Just think. How would It make you feel if I went along flaging you for no reason? Sad. That's what I feel. Sad. And maybe if you keep doing it, I WILL QUIT! IM SERIOUS! Why do you even do that to me? Please answer.


I don't know except it's off topic


Oh no! I haven't flagged anything yet! If you think being off topic is your problem, maybe sneak something in that is on topic, so nobody will flag it!

Example: Snoopy's Harry Potter Topic

Person 1: Any ideas?

Person 2: I've seen all the movies! They're so great! (Sneak this in to be on topic)--> maybe you could add movie related things to your game?


We don't want you to quit! It's just that it offends the Community Guidelines because it's not related to Hopscotch because you deleted Hopscotch and left.


@Cinderleaf no offense, but a good chunk or your posts and topics are very off-topic. If you don't have Hopscotch anymore and don't want to talk about Hopscotch, maybe join Instagram or something.