Why does everyone dislike the update?



Why does everyone show hatred to the new update?

I have seen some pretty bad projects saying "I QUIT!! THIS UPDATE IS HORRIBLE!!"

One said some about #WorstUpdateEver

And it got on trending all these type of projects get a trending it's horrible!

The hopscotch team needs money to keep hopspctch running so please stop the hate!!

There's a free version you don't need to pay!



every developer needs money to keep running!


This doesn't apply to me but I think some ppl might get jealous when they see all the projects with pics but there's doesn't have any pics


Yeah and the app doesn't cost anything so they make 0$ exsept for borrowing from the bank like @alish explained in a earlier topic.

Like the lemonade stand reference they need there **own **money if they want to keep the business running.

And they need money to pay everyone in the team and with the newest staff member @Montoya they need even more money to pay him!

So yeah they need to make money some way.


They may but honestly look at club penguin, do people get jealous of people having the slickest clothes with the membership?


So why would this apply to hopsoctch?

I guess jealousy ties anywhere but still.


I think it makes sense, because they need to make money some how. I also agree with @Ella_13 people are going to be jealous of the people with pictures.


Actually ppl do get jealous of ppl with slicker clothes in club penguin. And I do think it will apply to HS a bit. Ppl want what they don't have and in some cases, what they don't have is pictures in their projects

I understand why HS is doing it. But I feel as if they should give everyone a free trial week before deciding whether to buy it or not. If you like it after the trial is Done then you buy the suscription. If u don't like it then u stick With the original HS


It's because they can't afford it


Yeah, I think that's right!

@MelonKindOfGuy great topic, we need to #StopTheHate! I personally love this update, even though I won't be a subscriber for a while. I think its amazing to see projects with pictures! :smiley:


Not everyone! I love the update (even though I haven't subscribed!)
Otherwise, I agree!


it is better than the old


True. The update is amazing, even if you can't afford it.


Siriusly great topic! #stopthehate!


Thank guys!

@SmileyAlyssa, @kvj.


Some people are jealous of people with it! They also might not be able to afford it! I'm getting the subscription on Sept. 1st because I want to know when my month ends! I might get year after I try month first


We would prefer to buy each feature individually, and once.


I'm quite sorry, but THT considered this and chose subscriptions. Continuing to complain isn't going to make THT switch from subscriptions to each feature individually.

ur probably going to think "you can't talk" because I have the subscription, but I can. This would be my opinion if I wasn't a subscriber.


I understand that they need a lot of money, but after they get enough money, they should charge for each individual feature.


Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Liza hinted that it might change sometime but for now this is how it is


I would do #Bring back the old graphics