Why Does Android Not Have Hopscotch?


I may seem annoying, but I have a final question for today; “Why Does Android Not Have Hopscotch?”


Cause they would have torecode it for the android os i think


It would take to long to completely recode for Android


I believe the hopscotch team was working on it but they might have stopped?? idk I haven’t been on hs for a while so my memory might be terrible


I’m pretty sure HS is made on Swift, which is only-iOS language, and it’s hard to rewrite all its code.



Thank you everyone for telling me, I appreciate it!


Parts of hopscotch was coded in swift which is only compatible with iOS. Also it’s too much work


honestly it is muchmuchMUCH more difficult to write apps for android

then they would have to support two app stores and pay two fees

and it is REALLY DIFFICULT to maintain support for all android devices and versions


Actually I think the HS team said it was coded on a different language, I am probably wrong


it used to be objective-c which is now deprecated so I assume when they added tge new editor they probably ported to swift 2


Yeah I don’t think they could de in Swift, swift seems to limited


Swift was coded with objective-c


that isnt how it works

maybe the compiler was, but probably not

swift has all the features of objective c


This is @Liza 's opinion:

And obviously, THT has been working on fixing bugs, adding a subscription, adding new blocks are more, so they are probably focusing on the iOS App right now. You never know, though.