Why do you play Hopscotch?



Do you play Hopscotch because you love to code, because you enjoy doodling on the drawing pads, or because you like playing games?
(Also, why was I logged out ten minutes ago? No, seriously, I was. And it wasn’t my brother. Also, who created the #whyhueywhy tag? Also, how come swimmers’ ear hurts so much?)

Sometimes, I wonder about this.

I like playing because it’s fun to use the drawing pads and it’s fun to code.


Here, let me help you out with a poll

Why do you like Hopscotch

  • I like coding
  • I like doodling
  • I like playing games
  • It just feels like home
  • IDK
  • I stopped using Hopscotch
  • other (Reply below)

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@tankt2016 You stopped using HS?


Uhh…I’m partly inactive…?:sweat_smile: also I code the same project on a phone and an iPad and it won’t sync my changes for some reason…


Well, when I said “stopped using Hopscotch” I wasn’t communicating just inactiveness.


Coding is my passion,and hopscotch is the first step to become a real game programmer.


hem hem all of the above


I like inventing new concepts and making good things on Hopscotch


Same here @Aariv
When I installed Hopscotch, I had no idea what was programming (I was 9 years old, in 2013)
Now I know Python and Swift, and I am starting with Java
Thanks to Hopscotch


I really enjoy being creative and to code! I now code with both Hopscotch and Python and it is my hobby. I love to code cool stuff using programming.