Why do you like Hopscotch? :)

I like Hopscotch: Coding App because it has an easy to understand block style coding. I been hopscotching since 2015 or 2016, I think, kind of hard to tell when you cannot see when you started using the app. I heard about the app from seeing it on my friend’s smartphones/tablets. I started making some simple stuff, just to see what it’s like, right after playing a few projects from the community and liking them, the next thing I know, I‘m making over 100 different projects, with the one below being my recent one:

I also like drawing things…
and coding overall


My :heart: for Hopscotch grows strong! My explanation is in the reply above.

Here is a project I just published:


I love Hopscotch :heart:

Everyone is so friendly and nice to each other, the editor can’t be made better, it’s so nice, the Hopscotch characters are really cool, Hopscotch is very safe, and it has a lot of cool features!


i love hopscotch mainly because of the awesome community, and the ability to express our creativity through coding :D


I like hopscotch mostly because of the amazing community, especially on the forum! It’s also nice that aspiring coders can use hopscotch to do easy and fun coding, and if they want to, use it to prepare themselves for harder coding languages!


Best explanation ever! Still to this day it stays true to its core


The community here is so amazing. The people on here is great, and it’s not often that I find somewhere that I belong. I make soo many friends on here, and it’s just overall lots of fun. It sets a great mood, and, from what I’ve also heard from others, people feel as if HS is their safe place. I always enjoy helping other kids through their struggles, whether it’s coding, drawing, writing, or something social. And people on here INCLUDE each other. Like, all the problems going on in current society doesn’t exist here at all. And there’s about a gazillion things I’m forgetting to put on here but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a really nice community and the interface is so, so much easier to use than alternatives like scratch