Why do you like Hopscotch? :)



It's sooooo helpful to hear your stories.
Why do you like Hopscotch?

TELL US EVERYTHING! :open_mouth: :smile:

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Talking about what you like about hopscotch!
Talking about what you like about hopscotch!

I like Hopscotch because it's a fun and safe place! I came across this app on a school IPad for Hour Of Code! I loved the app! So when I got my IPad for Christmas, I asked my Wonderful Dad to get it for me, he said yes! Now I'm a beta tester! So thankfully I can be on Hopscotch all the time! Which I am!!!:slightly_smiling:


Same here! I am always on hopscotch sometimes on and off I am also a beta
Hopscotch is a great app that helps everyone Thx Hopscotch Team


I love hopscotch because it boosts creativity and makes me smile when I do it. :smiley: It's my favorite App/Game!


I like Hopscotch because I love coding and the helpful and creative atmosphere that Hopscotch has. I like it because everyone is nice and helpful. Also the simplicity of it. Anyone can code in Hopscotch.


Why do I like Hopscotch? Where do I begin!

Some of the reasons I love Hopscotch:

  • It's so fun to code on Hopscotch
  • It has an awesome community
  • We can experiment with new ideas and create so freely and easily
  • We learn so much from Hopscotching

And Hopscotch is just an awesome place to be :smile:


I like Hopscotch because you get to code stuff and learn more code from others project


I like Hopscotch because it's a very fun game and everyone is being kind. Also because Hopscotch made coding one of my hobbies!
I could keep going for days because Hopscotch is just


If I could grow the text above:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: I would grow it until it fit the whole screen!


I like Hopscotch because I LOVE CODING. I have my own website and I made it from scratch. My dad got it for me and I love it.


My Hopscotch story starts a bit plain. My mom saw an advertisement, article about, something about Hopscotch in a magazine. She said I'd like it, so I started. I love Hopscotch because you get to be creative, you get to express yourself, there is so much variety, and we have a great community (other than some hiccups:grin:)! Also, Hopscotch sparked my interest, so I'm now learning JavaScript, HTML, and CSS!


I like Hopscotch because it increases my coding skills and it's a great community. ; - )


This is kinda random, but I actually like it, because it's so asynchronous, quirky and austere. That's not a criticism. It's friendly, but kinda Zen. Addictive, too. Like a puzzle might be. The limitations here force the coder to be a lot more creative than if given more-powerful, complicated and slick programming tools. And, as languages come and go, it's really only the creativity that stays with us. I've seen some really imaginitive stuff that blows me away from some of these cryptic user names (I should talk). I keep wondering how much of it is being generated at least partially by accident. You know: monkeys and typewriters. The way nature does it. Especially all the twisty stuff. Is any of it fit for prime time? Probably not. Particularly useful? Nope. Gonna make any money in the app store? Nah. But that's not the point. This thing is worth messing with, because it forces a coder to think! It's like survivalist programming. Did that even make sense? If not: i like it 'cause it's, like "Wha?" Then it's like "Umm..." Then it's like "Oh." Then it's like "Whoa." Then it's like "Weee!" Yeah, that's why. :yum:


i love to program! :yum:


I love Hopscotch A LOT because its a fun coding game! The forum has nice and helpful Hopscotchers! The Hopscotch game has many awesome projects and Hopscotchers! Each day, when I always look at projects, they inspire to do really cool games that I haven't even did yet, ha-ha!Every project is great :slightly_smiling:


So we can be JavaScript partners YAY
Back on topic I love hopscotch for multiple reasons


Hopscotch is a place where I feel like I am making a difference I love making projects and trying out other people's projects in this amazing community I feel like everyone is cool and like I am new friends and fire I really like the new update because me and A happy coder :grinning: can make projects Together!!!!! Without remixing them all the time and you can also tell people how you are feeling like and they care A lot


Why do I love Hopscotch?

  1. I can learn from and collaborate with people all over the world who could be in another country and maybe continent!
  2. No one knows my identity so they don't judge me on looks, instead on my ability to code and write.
  3. There is hardly any inappropriate comments in Hopscotch.
  4. I can learn from others that I might not have been able to even talk to otherwise.
  5. It boosts my confidence when ever I get a project that is a hit!
  6. I feel as if I have many friends that I can talk to and learn from.
  7. look I love Hopscotch and if I listed everything I love about it you would probably be here until the end of eternity! So that basically sums it up! :yum:


1.I can make lots of video games
2.I can collaborate with others like @Work_kids_coding
3.I really like looking at other people's projects


Where do I start?! Hopscotch is easily one of the most likable, simplest coding games today.

Firstly, it's features are flawless and it's really simple to learn.

Secondly, it's fun to create a game from the first rule to a Featured project.

Lastly, this community is so collaborative and helpful towards each other! We learn and improve from each other and we just get BETTER. :smiley:

Posts like these on the forums, even though it isn't hopscotch, just proves how caring this community is!
I loveeee it. :smile:


Hopscotch has so many opportunities to express myself and make awesome stuff that other people can play with.