Why do you have/want the Hopscotch subscription?



Hi there! This topic is just for fun ;)

Basically, you just answer the question of "Why do you have/want the Hopscotch subscription?" :D

Of course, since there's a lot you can do with it, there's probably a lot of reasons why you have/want it. So in this topic, just answer the main reason you want/have it :)

I have it because I get to give the Hopscotch team money every month. I love supporting them and their awesome app ;D

So, why do you have/want it?
Thanks and have fun!


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@Milkypup lol
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I had it

It was fun


If I had it I would probably take images from the internet, or pixelate my own characters and make some kind of game out of that.

Cool topic


That would be cool!! And thanks :)


I agree with that, it is very fun!!


Making places/characters easier, as I would be able to us e trail art.


Yeah, that is really useful. I love making trail art and then taking a screenshot of it to use in my projects ;D




To be honest, I really don't want to have it.
When it first came out, I really wanted it. I mean, imagine all the things you could do! But then I started to realize that if I did have the subscription, it would be an excuse to stop coding. Here's what I mean: sometimes people with the subscription post a photo as a game avatar. Or a landscape as a background. Or an image for an obstacle. This in itself is not bad, but I feel like it is stopping people from coding. They could have used text art to make the avatar, used trail art for the background, and coded the obstacles. But becuase they have access to the images, they don't. So when someone could be learning to code, their learning to make a photo increase in size instead.

Nice topic idea!


Great Topic!
I have never had it, because this is a School iPad, and you cant get it:/
I dont think I would ever get it, because I would feel like I Am Waisting it if I didnt use it:3


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My Long Opinion + a mini-story thing

I was thinking about asking my parents to get me a new account where I could start fresh with the subscription. Then I stopped myself because of almost the same reason as KayKat. I realized I didn't want it. I thought that all I'd use the subscription for would be a cool pfp and images that I could use as characters. Then I knew that it wasn't worth it, cuz I'd just stop making backgrounds and just get a pic from the internet. I just sorta knew that with the subscription I wouldn't be the Fearless you might know. Coding each and every small detail has changed me. Like when we did a project for school where we had to make a company. My teammates wanted to get a pic off of the net for our logo and I told them no. I told them that I'd make it, craft it from nothing. And I did. In a way where people couldn't believe that I actually made it. Simple things like these just made me wanna not get the subscription, when the subscription was what I thought might change my coding. Now I realize it would, and I didn't want that, cuz I thought it'd change it in a badish way.


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And I don't really want it, but if I got it I would just use it to make a custom avatar. That's literally it.


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I don't have it nor do I want it