Why do you have to write at least 20 characters­čśí


It's so annoying that you have to put 20 characters why do some people get to write less. I can't say a simple thanks because of it.:rage:


It's to prevent people from spam.ming the forum!


You have to write that because people would be able to spam the fourm! And we don't want that! You could just do this (without spaces) to over come it! < write anything here! >


We have to put 20 characters in so the forum isn't overloaded with things like, "okay", "hi", etc! :D


Or things like



Makes sense but still it can be annoying and it says have you tried theÔÇő:heart:´ŞĆ Button when I did ten million times.:anguished:


What do you mean? Also be careful! Don't use all of your replies! I really don't want you to run out!!!! Pls save them I cry every time


That does make sense


It's to make sure you make productive posts and to prevent spam.


When you are new, you have a limited amount of replies. She is warning you to use them carefully. And the reason for 20 characters is because in case of spam.


Do dis:


It is so that the forums don't have spam, because luncheon meat is sadly not allowed :frowning:


And like everyone mentioned, it's so you don't spam the forum with random unrelated posts like "cheese"
Not saying you will

To defy it, type this


Everyone already said, but, if you want to say hi or something, do this after:

<anything random to take up space>

And then it will be invisible!


Like this:

It's #invisible!




Ok, here's a way to get around that:
Just type:
<random characters like this>
It needs to be in <>


You have 10 replies in your first 24 hours.


Just do this <Do it without this cool text XD>


Yeah. I think she used them up already. :upside_down: