Why do you have a limit of likes or replying?


SBYP = search before you post


It stands for " Search Before You Post". THT wants everyone to do this so the forum won't get clogged up with clones of topics.

My version of @Ella_13's reply: If you don't SBYP and your topic is like someone else's, someone will kindly tell your there is already a topic like yours and hopefully provide you with a link.


SBYP means search before you post. Basically before you post a topic you should search and see if anyone has a topic similar to urs.

If u don't SBYP but there is a topic like it then someone will kindly remind you to SBYP

We just don't want the forum clogged up with clones of the same topic


It's to prevent spam. Also, I believe there are quite a few topics which have answers.


Anyone know why people have limited likes though?



:3 boom


I think it's also to prevent spam.


Discourse intended them to only be for something you agree with, but it's a bit different here so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


But exactly how would that help prevent spam?


I dunno tbh but my guess is that bots could boost stats for other users and Discourse doesn't want that.


Makes sense. I guess I should stop spam-liking LOL


Who the hec.k is discourse!!!! First I hear its a programming lang then I hear he is a person halp


Discourse is the company who runs and maintains the forums.


Discourse is the structure for this forum.
Here is the website: http://discourse.org


Oooh. Discourse, your forums are the best ha ha ha......

dont suspend me


Oh ok I will next time thanks.


I thought the reply limit was only in your first 24 hours.


Wait wut (I didn't make this account)

But to answer your question, @Hicoding, the reply limit is when you're a basic user. Discourse (the company who made the forum) doesn't want new users spamming, so you have a 24-hour reply limit.

After 24 hours have passed, there's no more reply limits! :D


Do you have any siblings that could have made that account?


Nope :0

It might be one of my neighbors tho, so it's fine :D