Why do you have a limit of likes or replying?


Why do you have a limit of likes or replying? I find it hard. Because I'm happy and like every thing and I run out I cry.:sob:


Idk why :stuck_out_tongue:


I really don't know


Well when ur a basic user, u have limited replies because they want to make sure that you aren't a robot ( that has happened before). once you Have been on for a certain number of days, you wont have limited replies because you proved you aren't a robot

Please feel free to correct me


You have a reply limit when you first join, so the forum can make sure you're not a robot, and so you don't spam posts. After your first day, you won't have limited replies ever again!


There is aleready a ttopic like this!!


Wait a minute, robots have made accounts on the forum before?:laughing:


That's what I've heard

@Intellection74 is that true?


Uh, did no one just see what I said? This topic is an excact copy!


Oh oops I did not notice.:grimacing::sweat_smile:


Really so super cool.


It's fine, she's a new user, or at least shares the up addresss with @Sensei_Coder


I didn't notice either. My bad sorry!

I don't think that they know what SBYP is;)


Oh thats okay!!!! But next time SBYP!!


Oh I didnt know she was a new user!!!! Oops... Im soo embarrased..


Is it true that robots have made accounts before which is why you have limited replies on ur first days?


What's SBYP?!?!?:grin::grimacing::grin::grimacing::grin::grin:


Oh sorry. I was going to reply with something about it but then I saw @Ella_13 's post and replied what my reply said.


I'm not completly sure it's happened on this forum, but it's possible.


It means search before you post