Why do you guys follow/like me?


Why do you guys follow and like me? I would like to know this because, I would like to improve my projects and me.... Advice and criticism will be appreciated!


Why? We like your projects and things!


:blush:thanks! Do you have any advice on how to improve? I feel i am not the best I can be though...:confused:


What is your hopscotch username? I will look at some of your projects!


Here are some tips!

List Of Tips! [WIP]
  • Less remixes
  • More innovative projects
  • Unpublish useless projects
  • Unpublish stuff that clutters your projects page


:blush:ok, um, do you think that remixing a few stuff, like helping someone, or asking a question is ok?


Oh, it's the same as this one to be exact... Panda Blossom​:notes::blush:


Yeah, that's fine! Just make it as small as possible!

How I do it is I publish help, then after a day, I unpublish it! :slight_smile:


Awesome projects! I dunno what to say!


:smile:ok! Oh, yes, I know this is so off topic, but I fell of the sofa when I saw dis


Oh you are out of school to?


I like you because you are a kind and an awesome Hopscotcher!!!


Duh! Because your awesome! And great at coding! Why wouldn't we like and follow?!


Check your activity! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I follow you because you and your projects are very awesome! :smiley:


I follow you because, you are super nice and kind, I love your art, I love your coding, and so many other reasons! :smile:


Yeah, yeah. lel, I dropped my iPad, it almost cracked :stuck_out_tongue:
did you plan this? Cuz @BuildASnowman followed and liked me as well....IM SO EXCITED!! 5 VERY WELL KNOWN HOPSCOTCHERS FOLLOWED ME IN 2 DAYS. IM GONNA START HURTING MYSELF NOW XD


No no please don't hurt yourself!
deep breaths, deep breaths


You are an awesome drawer, i really like ur drawings


Your drawings are amazing! I wish I could draw like you!