Why do we need to use email just to become a beta tester?



Hey guys, can someone please tell me WHY do we have to email hopscotch to be a beta tester? Because it's so unfair for kids who don't have email. Don't reply if you're just gonna say: "get a email" or "secretly email hopscotch" give me good advice please!



I hope people actually help....


Maybe you can use your parents e-mail?
Well, Hopscotch uses e-mail because it is very protective, see?
In e-mail, you need to login, add your password, login again to get in your e-mail, and finally, verify!
They want to make sure that you are, indeed, LotsaPizza or Ihasfluffycupcakes or anyone!
At least, that's what I think. You can have them email your parents. That way, your parents will know as well.
Hope I helped you!
~LP <3


Well, you need to get emails and send emails about all the bugs in the beta, so email is the best way. I suggest just asking your parents


Beta testing is a big deal. That's why they want you to be able to communicate with them privately.
So ya


Because they send you a special link which gets the app. Also beta testers could you please tell me when the updates for the new characters are coming out


Ok I'll ask my parents about it