Why do we need moderators to create groups and tag lists?


are you in it?


Yes. Technically. Even though I don’t have an iPad.

I is sad


Haha! I’ve reached this topic

Ok, HealeyBot, you do make a fair point, it would be nice and efficient let anyone create group tags. You can email the creator of Discourse about that because I think it’s a pretty neat idea.

However, if people begin creating random tags left and right, it sort of becomes disorganized. It’s nice to have a limited amount of tags (So maybe 2 or 3 per account for gt’s + other things). And then if we would like to create more tags, we can ask a moderator to do so

(And btw, is t1 the only moderator so far? Last I’ve seen her post was Sept. 11 or something like that. Must be end of school vacation in Australia (it’d be winter instead of summer) and she’d like to take a break before college)

I love the new feature where you can see who’s typing in the topic)


is it a public group?


No. Only to members of the ScotchHop Team. I’m one of them. I help with hacker problems.


then ask an owner to add you in?


@JonnyGamer IS the owner. It used to be @UnderagedCoder1.


And I did ask.


I’m not allowed to add/remove people from the group, I should’ve told you that, I guess I forgot, sorry


What about @Hermione?


Steam is a extremly larger community than HSF


Actually more people would down load it on Android because there are more Android devices in the world than Apple.


WHat does that have to do with dudeys post