Why do we need moderators to create groups and tag lists?


We can do it by ourselves on Steam, so why not here? I’d like to make a friend group and real tag list, but I can’t do it without @t1_hopscotch, who left moderating. It’s really frustrating. We should be able to do these things by ourselves.


@Dude73, @StarryDream, @glam_unicorn, @JonnyGamer, @FluffyMice, do you guys wonder this?


Uh, there’s really no question for me. There are a lot of people who aren’t mature enough to take on the tools of a moderator, and everything that comes with it.


But, still, why can’t we make our own friend groups, moderator free?


There are man that ways users could abuse that skill, which is why the owners of the site hasn’t given us that skill.


It is a default feature on the Discourse forums. I’m not sure if you can change it. If anyone could make groups, people would make tons of spam groups.


Fair point.


I also wondered why there’s no Hopscotch for Android, but it’s probably because of the varying emojis.


The team wants to, but hasn’t developed it yet because of the program hopscotch was coded on. It would take a lot of money and work to be able to make a version for android.


Huh. It would still be nice if they did.


That is an interesting point but that is not the main reason they said that they would have to translate all the code from one language to another for android


No, Its because Android uses a differant coding language so they would have to make hopscotch all over again.


Hopscotch was coded on the engine Scratch uses!


It was based on Scratch, which is why it’s much simpler.


It was based off scratch one would imagine
But not actually coded in scratch

Probably in C or C#


Speaking of Scratch…



C# is a note. You’re thinking of C++.


It is a language

And a note!


There is actually a C# coding language.

Pretty much what I was thinking.


And why am I not listed in the ScotchHop Team group?