Why do we have to pay?


Why do we have to pay? For one nobody takes the subscription seriously and does inappropriate stuff


Because the hopscotch team needs money to run hopscotch :D


I meant the inappropriate things tho


THT needs money! Everything was free before, so they didn't get much money. D:

With the subscriptions, they have money! :D

If you see any inappropriate things, remember to report them! They may have been made before the subscriptions, but if not, email THT at help@gethopscotch.com! (I think. XD) They moderate pics, but maybe they missed a few bad pictures!


To support THT
Don't take Hopscotch for granted


The Hopscotch Team has to actually make/run /code Hopscotch, so they have to get money somehow. (I guess):grimacing:


Yes they do need money


They need money and THT modetors every photo before it's released.


People like me took the subscription seriously
Except I was using he free trial but I still make decent projects.


They need money to keep working on hopscotch!


It is actually hand moderated! Before a project with images is published a team of mods approve it


Oh, I didn't know that. That's good. :heart_eyes: