Why do we have body invalid?




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HELLO! So I am always having body invalid, and I am always wondering why is that happening and what is the point of body invalid! When I just type in emojis it say "Body invalid" so I am wondering why? I am sorry if there is another topic like this! I couldn't find any topics like this! I wonder why I am typing in the form? Okay please tell me the answer.


I know, I hate that.

It needs to be more despective..


So basically when you just type emojis or something like YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYA
The forum is likes, hmmm, is this really going to add to the conversation? Of course the forum isn't a real person or anything :D
But it wants you to be more descriptive :slight_smile:


Thank you guys very much
Another question why 2020202
I mean why do we need 20 characters? And we also need 15 characters in the title?


It's so people don't type
Or someyhing,

But everyone knows the hack, and for those who don't, people just write 202020220 so it's not really stopping anything, *gasps*

Run on sentences XD


For example, when you say YES!!!!!, wouldn't it be more awesome if you say:








EVEN YOU!!!! :00000000