Why do we have a maximum amount of likes?


Are u baffled by the annoyance of the sighn
U have no likes left
Well I am to, I am applying for hopscotch times and am writing an article about this on hopscotch. However I need some help
I am recruiting ppl to help me to get the info I need, youll get credit however if you help and I haven't recruited you you won't get any credit
If you are part of the hopscotch times could I be an author?
Some ppl like @Silverdolphin I am sure you would want to help.
I will keep u updated as the case progressed


I think it's useless to have the rule because it's possible to set it so likes don't count as forum notifications (I actually have that on, so there's a good reason to check nonifications :P)


@jades , @Ihasfluffycupcakes is right ! I do not think there is a reason why we have the rules but you should speak to the mods ! I have invited them here !


Thanks so much for inviting a mod
Ahhhhh I'm so excited


I think having limited likes is actually good, in a way. :smile:
- you have another reason to try to move up the trust levels
- it would get annoying if you forever spam liked someone
- Discourse/THT probably has their reasons, we should respect that. :smile:


Ok I think that's a good point
Can I use that
I'll give u credit

Ps. Are u still Dude73 on hopscotch as well as da forum


Sure! Yeah, my username is Dude73 as well. :smile:


Gr8 thx


It's probably to prevent extreme spam liking. I almost always run out of likes xD


So if it's to prevent spam do you think that we should a limited amount of posts and topics?
Btw these r just questions a 'interview' for the hopscotch times


Also does anyone know any of the reasons THT think they that we should have a limited amount of likes?


Discourse has a like limit because likes are only supposed to be for posts people actually like or agree with. But Liza actually changed the maximum before.


I don't understand f^_^')


What's the maximum? Was it increased or decreased?


I don't know, it's different per trust level. I think 200 for members, but I don't remember. And it was increased.


What's the default?


I don't know everything, dude. Probably can find it on the Meta.