Why do we have a forum


why do we have a hopscotch forum
if we rarely talk about hopscotch
i mean srsly most of our topics have nothing to do with hopscotch
@refugeecat123 i'm outta replies so:
lol rlly
well how come i get flagged for being off topic
i think about more than half of my flags on my other acct were from being off topic


I think most of our topics are related to HS!

Honestly, it's okay to be a little off topic..


Well when the forum started it was about helping people with code.
The forum just changed but it's still fun and useful!


Im actually running an exoeriment to prove that that isn't actually the case


well don't expect a reply there out of it! XXD
Unless you weren't...


If you are off topic like
"im a penguin irl"
Then you will get flagged
But look how it said a little off-topic.


I wasnt xD
But okay lol


So we can chat with our fellow Hopscotchers! Help them with code, and talk.


i never said that
when did i


I never said you said that
Read carefully:33


Most topics are related. I keep mine related. I think everyone should ;D


we used to

The hopscotch team does not care if theres general topics
and lets be honest those are pretty much most of the off topic topics


I just wanted to bump up this topic because I think it has a good point.