Why do some people dislike or hate me?



Why? People have told me to kill myself, people have targeted me, said rude things, made fun of me. We all have haters, but I feel like I have an uncanny amount. Even someone who many people respect dislikes me. I know that this isn't a good idea for a topic, but I just want less people to hate me. Is it LGBT? Because I can easily stop talking about that. I never should have mentioned anything.


no @Sparkczy you are wonderful...I just think that maybe OTHERS think you get carried away sometimes...but I think ur are great however you may post before you think​:grinning: that's all​:two_hearts:

haters gonna hate

just shake it off XD


You make amazing projects on Hopscotch and you are a wonderful person on the Forum!

Don't let anybody tell you that you aren't wonderful.

They have NO idea what wonderful qualities are behind that screen.


You are an incredible person who doesn't deserve any of this.
I don't understand why people would do this to you.
No matter how it hurts, you can't listen to them.
You can always talk to me if you need any help.
I think that they are wrong about you.
You are awesome!
Just try to think about the people who appreciate you :3


@Sparkczy Like the previous replies, you are wonderful, and amazing and kind. There will always just be some mean and disrespectful people, and haters. Just don't let them get to you, and know that you are appreciated, no matter the people that don't like you.


The reason is, they think you're mean.

They're so wrong! They think you are rude and whatever, but you know, you have fans too. Not just haters.


Also, a lot of the haters are jealous. Of your awesomeness!


Welp. You don't deserve them haters ;-;!

You are an amazing person, and Coder! :D

Le haters hate for one reason or another,

But they are probably just jealous of how amazing you are!


Your a wonderful person sparkzy, but people telling you to ki.ll yourself is outrageou. Anyone who said that should be immediately suspended. If you have a link to the post where someone said it, tag @Kiwicute2016 or one of the other mods. That shouldn't be tolerated.


I completely agree @Malie I think that they themselves should be ashamed they should also be suspended and questioned for what they did. This is outrageous!


It was something some people said on Hopscotch. I don't have any of the links.


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Yeah, I was bullied too. I'm used to it, and I doubt that they're jealous. They could just hate me :P.
Anyways, it's fine, I'm not bothered by it, I just wanna know why.


First no offense but Don't say things like I never should have done that.
That is done in the past and in the past you thought it was good. That's how life works.

As @SimplySouthernGurl said it's just haters
Third I think you know this but people are jealous of you once I pretended to be @SmilingSnowflakes because I just was jealous of it.

If this happens tell the HS team then the HS team can do sth about it as they are adults. If nothing gets better you have great friends who doesn't bully you and stands up for you. You can rely on these people.( Or you can rely on me.) and ignore the "HAT.ES!

Hope this helps! @Sparkczy


Thank you! That is a very good point.





For the people who have said those nasty things to you, shame on them.

It's not your fault @Sparkczy. It's a harsh world out there, and Hopscotch has a lot more members compared to the forum, which is why there is more drama on the app. If I had a hater or someone was hating on me I'd just report it and move on. But I agree it's unfair that you have a lot more hate than other hops.

Haters gonna hate potatoes gonna potate


Haters are people jealous of your awesomeness.