Why do so many people want to quit?



Why do so many people want to quit hopscotch? I think hopscotch is awesome!!!


welocme to the forum people quit cuause they are busy they think hopscotch is a kiddy lame app and they don't get a lot of likes but the active people quit because they are busy with school and homework!

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I am sick today still and no school! No! I love school!


I think Hopscotch is awesome...Who would ever want to quit!


Oh. I was like that but now I get likes.


I know! It just would make me cry if I quit


I would quit right now because none of my projects are working but one. And that project is the only one to save me from quitting Hopscotch.


PLEASE don't quit! What is ur user name on Hopscotch? I will follow you!:grimacing:


Same one here???????????


They can hopscotch FOREVER


Most people quit because of attention... Or something else.