Why do people threaten to leave but then don't?


Okay, I know I'm not the only one frustrated by this. Some people make projects saying that if they don't get a certain amount of likes on a project they will leave. But even if they don't get those likes, they still make more projects. What's up with that? And even if they do get the likes, well, there's a good way and a bad way to become popular. The good one is to be nice and make cool projects. The bad one is begging for likes. Unfortunately, I have seen way too many of these. Please state your opinion below.
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You are right I have seen many projects like that I felt sorry and gave a like


I've also seen them. That's just an act of begging for likes!


I've never seen people do projects like these.
I've seen 4 people copying a popular guy's project, he got 800 likes and 7K views, the copiers each got 120-160 likes and 700-1600 views.
The project name is Tic Tac Toe.


I've seen many projects like these. Sadly, a lot of them were from more popular Hopscotchers, so they get a TON of likes. I saw two on Trending and one got more than 250 likes! One of Hopscotch's rules is even "Don't beg for likes"


Actually it isn't againest the rules, it's just shamed upon in the hopscotch community, I NEVER like then because they don't deserve them.


I have seen something like that too. One guy made a project that was an emojitecture that he copied from someone else, he put credits than unpublished that got rid of the credits and republished and got a ton of likes.


It's attenion seeking, getting people to like you and make you popular. I agree, the good way is making cool projects and being part of the community.

  1. They want people to pity them.
  2. They want people to change their mind.
  3. They want likes on their project.
  4. They want popularity
  5. They want to get on featured or trending
  6. They are super duper desperate
  7. They think they are not noticed.
    8.They don't realize hopscotch is a big wide place.
  8. They want followers.
  9. They just do it for fun?

This is just my reasons. It might not be the same as others but those are 10 of my reasons.


Hey I feal like I saw 100 of those projects I never liked one. I don't think...


I have seen loads of those projects and to let you guys know I have never ever been on Trending or Featured not even once and I don't beg like that. All I do is make projects if I like them and the community doesn't WHO CARES!
Hopscotch is for having fun and coding not for begging and being popular.


Thats true, because if they were really leaving they wouldn't ask for likes and stuff like that :green_apple:


If someone was really leaving they would say. "I am leaving Hopscotch bye everyone!"
"I am leaving Hopscotch because I am not getting any likes or follows but if I get 100 loves I will stay"


I saw a project just like that in trending. They had a sad face and said if their project didn't get 100+ likes they would leave. Their project got 100+ likes and now they just forgot about that project, and didn't even thank the people who liked their project and gave them support :rage:.


Usually, these people tend to only remix projects or do other people's puzzles and things you need to solve, so no one likes them. I don't think any of us like any of those projects. YOU CANT BEG FOR LIKES IF YOU ARENT ACTUALLY MAKING ANYTHING!


I totally agree @SoapyBubbles


Me too I also agree with @SoapyBubbles.


I would report them. I do this. It's just wanting to be popular. They don't leave because they think people like them now when they don't, like that girl the other day who was saying she was going leave if nobody remixes or loves her projects. She actually was really rude by being mean to other hopscotchers who remixed her project on leaving. I felt sorry for these people. They need to realise that you only get fame by trying your hardest like madi and toaster rebellion also poptart0219 they only got to this position because they didn't beg for likes. If you would like to make a scrollable website with me about this can you remix my a series of unfortunate events game on hopscotch saying that you would like to with the code word. Scrweb as the title. This is not begging for remixes I just want to tell everyone the meaning to leaving not for being popular. PLEASE DO NOT FLAG THIS PROJECT.


I agree with @soapybubbles


Thanks you too @Bubblyoreo!