Why do people make such a big deal about repeating topics?


I never get it. It makes me so mad!
So before, on one of my previous topics, I made a thing that I thought was pretty cool. And then, I thought someone was actually gonna have a conversation with someone! Then, someone (I'm keeping them secret) just said there is already a topic about it and that I should search before I question.
I mean come on people! You don't have to be so rude about it!
I'm just saying I think it's fine to to a topic that's already made, I just think you should acknowledge who made the topic first. It was also my mistake not doing that.

I'm sorry.

If you are the person I was talking about, I did not mention your name, no need to be upset.

I'm also sorry if I was also really rude. Like I'm calmed down now but still, I'm a little ticked. Like, REALLY sorry.


It's ok, it's just the same question is being asked a few times, and people get tagged for the same reason.


Because we dont want the forum clogged up with the same topic.


The forum only has so much space so we try not to clog it up :wink:


I think it says why somewhere.... And the weren't trying to be rude.


How do I close a topic? My topic? Can I even?


Only a mod or leader can close topics, sadly. You will now have to get a member from THT to do it


Nvm, then. Thanks, though.