Why do people get automatically followed?


Some people get automatically followed why does that happen is it a glitch?


No, the hopscotch team finds some Hopscotchers that are inspiring, all in different ways, so new hopscotchers can get ideas from them, so they aren't left to fend for their lonesome :wink:


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it possibly happens to me...


@Kiwicute2015, didn't that happen to you? :yum:


It happened to me on my other account .—.
It's not a bad glitch


Hey I emailed the hopscotch team back there called auto follows so you can get inspiration from them you can unfollow them


No, The fact that they tell me that just means them following me is genuine! :wink:


Omg you're Gilbert-189
Sorry idk I kind of wanted to take a guess :laughing:


hey everyone, am i auto followed? @alish @liza



Haha I'm kidding I'm not Gilbert.


Dang, nice use of spacing though, I really thought I had it!! :laughing:


No you're not, sorry :yum:


No, they started giving me auto follow about two years ago. I was searching me up on an old version of Hopscotch and then Hopscotch crashed and I was stuck following myself.


Can't you ask The Hopscotch Team to for them to let you/them unfollow yourself? :wink:


Well, @t1_hopscotch taught me some good parts of following yourself, not stalkishly, You can check if your projects have been removed or if they published!


I got a random hopscotcher (not saying username) that started in November and is getting auto followed because I got all this random chat stuff in my following tab


If I become auto followed, I will duck tape the activity center's mouth, it's already annoying enough as it was when it was blinking all the time, now it stopped working
To, The lightning bolt button.


You must already have a busy activity tab due to being so famous.


It's not "famous" really, it's just a bunch of remixes from my meme templates and for requests :sweat::yum: