Why do I have so much self-unconfidence


Please hold ur flags people!!!! I really want help!!!

So when I'm coding a game, or doing something like homework, I get a bunch of self-unconfidence. Even when I email THT sometimes I get a felling they'll give me a bad reply! (Even though they never do! All of they're emails are awesome!!) I just don't now what to do! I'm always feeling like I'm gonna mess something up, and if I do mess something up, I freak out. I never upload many projects anymore because I feel like they're gonna fail and no one will like them. I also feel like if I post something on the forum, someone will take it as offense and get mad at me.

In fact, on a scale from 1-10, 1 being BAD, 10 being GOOD, how nice am I?

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Yeah, even typing this topic I feel like everyone will hate it, but I really need your guy's help. Please people!

Thanks frens

Thank you for being there

I sort of get that too. I think you just have to keep doing it and eventually you'll become more confident


I have it bad tho. I feel like most of the time everything will be ruined.


I too have self-unconfidence.
Just do this:
1.Before you publish, screenshot(if something like pixel art,trail art) it give the link (if games) [its better to do both] to the forum and ask for constructive criticism
2. Do the stuffs that the forumer said (you can do all, you can do some)


I dunno how to help, except:
people are pessimistic, people are optimistic
I don't really think that's bad, because it's good to be wary.
If you feel like everything will be ruined, look back at what you've done, and remember/screenshot the code so you can fix it if you do mess up.
If you feel like no one will like your projects, ask for feedback on the forum! Someone will probably respond, and if they don't, just tag me!


Yes. That should help with hopscotch, but it's not just in hopscotch. It's a lot in life.


I can't help you with life...
Im very shy


Thanks for helping with hopscotch tho! That should help.


Your welcome!


In real life, while presenting in front of a lot of people, imagine that there are no one on te room, that should help. (That sometimes help for other people but not me)


You mean low self esteem


Yeah, see what I mean? I messed that up to!


@Zachyswag everyone makes mistakes, and honestly I like the word "self-unconfidence" it is original. :blush:



You are great.
You are kind.
You are awesome.
You are tenanted.
And you are a spectacular coder!

You only have one life, live it to the fullest! Publish those projects, and just take risks. This is only coding, and he more mistakes you make, the more you'll learn! Trust me, people like your projects!

And think of it this way: when you become more incredibly famous and have millions of followers, they will want to see your progress. They'll want to see how you got to be so amazing, and looking at your progress will be so inspiring!


self unconfidence is what u made up ur mind to be. A quote says 'as a man thinketh in his heart so he is'. it is coming from u. If u make up ur mind to be confident, my friend nothing as in absolutely nothing will stop u. Being confident of oneself is a challenge of so many these days but only one person and that is yourself that can change ur mindset. Everyone has confidence but the prob is how to show it. Make up ur mind, change ur mindset and ta-da u are fully confident of yourself


With everything not just ur self, confident of everything.


I don't know what to say. I've always been a confident and optimistic person and have little understandings of pessimism.

It's just I don't really care about how terrible the outcome could be, I'll live anyway.

Making mistakes is a part of our lives, especially for young people. Which adult didn't do stupid things as a child or as a teen. We actually learn from messing things up, it can make us more conscious and careful, at least to me.

Everyone on this planet serves a purpose, even if you are not sure what your purpose is, live and look after your health and mental health.

"After all, tomorrow is another day."
—Scarlett O'Hara


You are right @StarryDream
Couldn't have agreed more


Your lucky.
I just procrastinate all day evry day rip me

you pretty great :D

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Tank you @anikeony! :wink: