Why do I even bother



Thats it. everytime I was rude I was trying to make this moment less painful.

If anyone comments 'nu dont leave!' that comment is never going to work.


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Ditto, if you REALLY want to leave, we can't be expected to throw a sob fest :wink: return soon is all I can say


Also, you shouldn'tve tagged them anyways, it was a surprise :wink:


Is this because of me? @AmiiboTrash


Exacly @OrangeScent1. most of the time when everybody is leaving people throw a sob fest.

And I hate that.


Its not because of that.

Its because I usualy contribute NOTHING useful to the forum.


You could try working on that, start out small by contributing art to the drawing topic, then start answering coding questions or join a collab


It's your choice. And I agree. Don't expect us to force you to come back.


All i do is:

  • Post bad drawings like this:
  • spread meanness
  • make topics close
  • Get flagged so I never become regular
  • Passive agressively talk about my bff
  • Somehow make the smileyist person hate me.


Finally someone agrees.


But don't expect me to leave for long. I'm more-so looking for help to become a better contrubitor.


You know what never mind...