Why do I do it?


Why do I Forum. All I do is get shredded. I hate it, yet I do it. That is because I have 2 friends in the world. Erica and @cash. I hate it. If I leave you will be kissing the ground. I once wrote a stork on a kid with autism. I feel like I may have autism too. If I want o I willl share it

  • Leave, your worthless
  • Stay, but I still hate you
  • I don't care
  • stay, I like you


Please I love the Forum but you hate me, I don't want to pretend who I am. I am different. I don't care what you say, unsubscribe. See if I care. But don't shred me. I feel tears every time I click on the Forum.

A poem.

I click on that avatar
Why? I don't know.
I get sucked into a wold that
Hides me.

So what if you don't like me? I don't like you. Please if you hate me leave me alone.


None of the poll options are true

Your awesome :smiley:


Yeah, I sorta think so. But my heart has a hole, and no amount of fabric can patch it up.


Thats deep XD
I will always think of you as amazing tho


No it's my fault you're sad it is mine for asking Maltese to marry me


@Cash is it okay if I ask u a question


Sure, no fabric. But what about love and friendship?


It's not like I want you to leave. But I think you shouldn't really make a topic for people to cuss…


Sure bruh


I think you are a good person. It's just that everyone else doesn't know they are going to face even worse issues when they are older, and they just are glad they are still the way they are. But It's okay if some people don't think the same thing.

oops, I don't think you meant that but I still think there is some hope to stay

well now the real regulars think i'm being a big tryhard :DDDD yay me, don't worry my secret haters the mods programmed a derpifier and I rebel against it. So yea


Do whatever you want. I don't want you to leave, but if it will make you happy....

And you don't have to tell me to lay off when someone is saying extremely inappropriate words. ;)


Don't worry, I found out the answer. :wink:


You're so nice! :D
I still remember that one time where you complimented me on a drawing I drew, and requested a drawing from me, and I drew your dog, remember? I was so happy! You made me feel really good! :heart: