Why do care if we're unnoticed?


A lot of us Hopscotchers say, I'm sad. I feel unnoticed. I'm a great coder but no one notices me. I'm going to take a long break cause I'm sad. Why do we care? Why do we need followers? It's nice, but why would you leave because you only have 3 followers? The point is you are good at coding, and you are learning. If you work hard, chances are you'll be noticed. I don't understand. I like having likes and followers, but it's not my motivation. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this topic, but I thought I should make it. This is my opinion. You don't have to agree with me if you don't want to. I'm deeply sorry if I upset you. I'm trying to think of ways to make this sound nicer... And failing. :thinking:


Well we all feel great when we hear "awesome" or people say they like what you make. So you keep going because you want to impress them, and you feel happy and your self-esteem goes up, and you keep going.

But let's say no one follows you. You feel you're bad, your self-esteem drops, and you feel sad. You stray from it.
I know it's a coding app, but really human nature is why we need followers and likes

we are all human
ohhhhhhhhhh... Ok that was bad

Qusid's General Topik!

I get it. I guess I don't have human nature then.


I hate when I work on something so hard, just to get 20 views or something.
Well, mostly on scratch. im thankful for the windows 10 project and stuff!

Right now im working on a scratch project that I barley want to do anymore kind of. I have to motvaite myself, but I think about it alot. But when that happends, my suggestion, is to try harder. the succes of my on scratch, was to keep trying. Dont give up. Its not a thing to though around. Really. I got 100 on scratch because I kept motvaited and thought I can do it. And look at were I am today.

... oh


I feel how @TheGreenBanana feels, I don't care if I have follows or likes. It's nice to get a lot of likes or a feature, but that isn't what keeps me coding. I code because it's fun, not because I want likes or follows. I've been here since January and I still haven't gotten a feature or over 40 likes. I think at people should code because it's fun, not because they want to become popular.
Wow, this is the worst speech in history XD


Thanks for the (a bit pointed) topic!

We care because we want others to appreciate us, to care about us.
That's why.

My topic wasn't about 'follows' or 'likes.' It was about the social aspects of HS such as including others in discussions. :wink: So yeah.


I wasn't pointing it towards you, sorry you thought that. I just saw a lot of those topics like this and I'm like :frowning:


I agree! The point of Hopscotch is to learn to code, not to get all of the followers and likes you can.


That doesn't sound right. :stuck_out_tongue:



And here is proof that I can't make speeches XD


Yeah, I am not well noticed sometimes, but it is fuel for me. It makes me work harder to make even better games. Some day you will be the next @CreationsOfaNoob


I agree with you! If you really want to be noticed, work hard and you will be! But in the end, it's not going to be about how much likes and followers you have. It's about how much you've learned.

I get a decent amount of likes, but that's not my motivation. I just want to learn something new, make something innovative, or help someone else.

I might as well say when I was newer to Hopscotch, I wasn't thinking about likes. I didn't even know what likes were! But as soon as I saw all these famous Hopscotchers getting tons of likes, I wanted that too. And I kept wanting it for a while, until I somehow changed. My point is, when we first download Hopscotch, we aren't thinking about becoming 'popular' and receiving likes. We became somehow jealous of all these people with likes, and wanted them for ourselves. Why? I don't remember how I changed, but I want to figure it out.


How did that get 10 likes XD

How did that 19 likes? XD


It was marshmallows.


Best speech ever! That was very inspirational!


I love your profile pic!!! :D


Yeah, being unnoticed really hurts, and I get that. Hopefully you can feel better! Also, we can support you if you're not noticed. I can be yo fren :smiley:


Well, look. It's human nature to feel unnoticed if no one notices them. We're all human, qusid, potato, unicorn, unicorn potato, fruit, chakin, thing. I feel sad and unnoticed, but do I leave? No. No. I'm brave and I'm getting through it. You guys are really helping! And so I also hope I set an example for people going through what I'm going through. So, yes, I do mainly agree, but I also 100% agree with @Lightningstrike.

And like you said,
I'm trying to think of ways to male this sound nicer... And failing :thinking:


Coz we all want to be appreciated by others, it encourages us to make more cool projects.
It's absolutely OK for you to not understand why people feel sad of being unnoticed. I respect your thoughts and opinions no matter I agree with them or not.:wink:



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It's not even that great of a post..