Why Do All The Links I Use Go Into My Drafts?



Whenever I use a link, a copy of that project goes into my drafts. That's a glitch. Why does it do that? It does it with almost every single project link I use.


That must be annoying!

You should email the hopscotch team.
If you can't email them, I can email them for you.


Nope can't email them, you should do it.


OK! I'll do that for you right now.


That happens to me too. I don't really know how to fix it, but I hope it gets solved. :grinning:


It does the same for me, I have to keep deleting errr​:rage:


@PercyJackson9 and @Dude73

I'm writing the email write now. Would you guys like me to include you guys in the email?


I have this same problem but have not reported it yet!


You probably should say

All the project links tankt2016 uses goes to their drafts, and that's a glitch. Why does it do that, and how can they fix it?


No need. I'd bet it happens to everybody. :grinning:


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It's because they're unpublished projects.
Even when someone unpublishes a project and you go into it and leave, it'll go into your drafts.
Unpublished projects are the problem, not the links. :)


This sounds like it's probably right.

@tankt2016 what link are you sending? How do you get it? Sorry this is not working for you!


I believe it happens when you click on a link! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I was unclear :slight_smile:

Can you help me understand the problem by explaining how you get the link (what do you tap, where) and then what you do with it? Thanks!


Sorry for the wait, I just had a science lab! I touched a real sheep heart! It's hard! :yum:

I believe it happens when you click on a link on the forums! I'm not sure if it happens when it redirects you to the web player or not, though! Most of the time, it instantly takes you to the app right away!


Here are the steps:
1) Copy one of your published projects to clipboard
2) Unpublish that project
3) Use the link on an iPad to regular Hopscotch (not webplayer)
4) Go to your drafts


1) Use a link for an unpublished project for regular Hopscotch
2) Go to your drafts

A way without a link is:

1) Go inside a project
2) Publisher unpublishes it while you're still in it
3) Go to your drafts


I mean, it happens on the forum (don't know if it happens anywhere else, never tried), whenever I click on a link. The project goes into our drafts, and I don't know why that happens. And it happens with most project links. The links are for projects in Hopscotch.