Why did she quit?



Does anyone know why @Cinderleaf quit Hopscoth?:cry:


The forums or the game?


Cinder leaf didn't quit on the forum, I talked to them a few hours ago!


she didnt quit hopscotch im sure she didnt!


She told me she deleted the app. @Cinderleaf, did you quit? It's okay.


She quit the app and i really like her. So yhea. I really miss her :cry: :persevere:

See? I really miss @Cinderleaf


Hey, blaze wolf? It would make my day,(because I found out I have pink eye) can you PLEASE tell Memborialchicen that I miss him and I told you to tell him on the forum? Also I'm sick? Please, please, PLEASE! This could possibly make me feel better! PLEASE! I beg you!


Yes. I did delete it



But she's right here!


I will




I will. I miss you Cinder. Im sick to


Ur also missing out on a Warriors RP. Wish you would come back


Actually, she regrets that.