Why did I get flagged? I'm really sad


I posted something on one my topics (I'll post it below in a sec) and it got flagged, I want to know why because I've never been flagged before and I don't even know why I was flagged and I'm really upset. So please tell me why this was flagged...also why I can't see WHO flagged it, though I do believe I MAY know who. http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/i-have-some-questions/23297/63


Which one of your posts got flagged?


Here it is:


We all get flags from time to time. I got a flag to. It's okay. A flag means just go back on topic or just a warning! :relieved:


It's not just a warning to me. I can't have flags I'm a perfectionist! And i don't know what I did wrong!


Maybe because it might seem a little insulting?

Besides like said above it doesn't matter too much :slight_smile:


It matters to me. And because I want to understand, are you saying it was insulting because I was sharing that I'd lost my respect for PopTart?


They may have thought the last part was rude, we'll see what the mods think.

Also, it's totally okay to get flagged. I got flagged so many times when I started the forum that I've practically memorized the message you get :stuck_out_tongue:


Nobody is perfect!
Just try to be more careful next time!


You iOS 10 emoji!!!


Yeah it might be that and calling her "weird" and "crazy" (is that what it said?)

Idk ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯


What @treefrogstudios and @KVJ said


treefrogstudios that's kinda nice to know lol
@sweetlina I didn't realize when I posted it could in any way get flagged, I'm can't learn from this so....


Just be careful about what you post!


I said crazy and random. I was just sharing my opinion but I guess some opinions shouldn't be shared, eh? But I was also I tiny bit irritated that PopTart had said something completely off topic on that very topic.


I thought that's what I was doing. I am careful about what I post.


I approved this flag becuase it referred to someone being random and crazy, which isn't very nice. Everyone makes mistakes, so I wouldn't worry too much about it!


Like, I didn't understand in any way the concept of separate topics having to be a discussion on a certain thing. I did not get that you had to be on topic. X3

My first post is so cringe
And so off-topic I can't even


Maybe your irritation showed? Idk.

Tip: always try and show your negative views either positively or neutrally :wink:


Ok I'm really sorry thought I feel bad I wish I could take it back I feel terrible