Why did alish quit hopscotch


I am so behind
I just heard about this
Why did alish quit hopscotch?
(I searched before I posted this)

Wait...what? Uh

Maybe hopscotch was a part time job to her?


It's a boy and alish made a bunch of those videos
When did he quit


Really? The only boy I know im videos is @thomas


In the earlier versions of hopscotch, alish made the vids


He did???!!! :scream::scream::scream:


He and Ian wanted to do something else.
My reaction:


Was the Pokemon Go video made by Thomas? They sound so similar.


Oh no! :frowning:

Oh well, I'm sad I guess, but it was his desicion :slight_smile:


What did they want to do?


Alish quit Hopscotch?
Why would she do that?


Guys, Alish is a guy. Also, he didn't quit Hopscotch, he quit the Hopscotch Team.

I think that he is now doing some video stuff. He did film the tutorials and made the Hopscotch Star Wars trailer. Seems right for him to be doing that now :smiley:


Oh... Okay...