Why copy when u can make your own unique idea?


Copying has become something nobody like at all, it's annoying, rude, and just plain me.an. It's really sad to see other hopscotchers getting more credit, likes and views for your original idea? Does anybody agree? Disagree? Why would people copy someone, when you can just make your own, original, unique idea? It just makes no sense at all to me...


I find copying flattering! It means they liked the idea! And if they get more likes than me, well, I guess they made it better than me and I have to try harder ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I think that if you remix and put made by (Thier username) then that is bad. It's also plagiarism. If you just remix the project then I find it nice! They maybe really like!


I agree it's not the best, but it also means that they like your work!


I 100% agree!
I know how it feels, Sombody remixed my project once, and said they made it!

But when people copy, it means that your project was so awesome! They want the world to think that they made it! :blush: