Why Can't We Use Some Characters as our Avatar?



How come Jody and Mr.Mustache and all the paid characters aren't in choosing your avatar and why can't you get the Halloween characters anymore?Was there a glitch?


Hi @Games the Halloween characters were limited edition in Halloween 2013 so at the moment you can only use them by remixing another project which has them, and then adding code to the characters.

And I've wondered too why Jody, Mr Mustache, Miss Chief, Mosquito, Venus, Mandrill and other jungle characters (well the only remaining one is Jeepers) aren't options for avatars :smiley:


But why?That's unfair for other people who want unlimited Halloween characters without remixing and cloning.:rage::disappointed_relieved::sob:


That's why they are so special! They are limited edition! I hope they come back this year, or something similar..


Yeah me too!:rage::sob::rage::sob::rage::sob::rage::sob::rage::sob::rage:.


There's a monster?Never knew


Sorry for the bad picture quality, but here:


Yeah I was wondering about this too.


Yep thanks @CreativeCoder, that's the monster I was talking about :smiley: I heard that s/he was originally a character in Hopscotch too.


Oh right I forgot about it