Why can't we delete/edit old posts?


So I've noticed, and I'm sure lots of others have as well, that you can't delete or edit any of your old posts.

So I was wondering; why can't we edit/delete old posts?

Also, since this was created on a phone, and there's no way to add tags, what tags show up?


Custom tags only work in #lounge and #Collabs...

How do I create a tag?

And I guess because @system is too lazy to go and fix old posts... Gotta be careful what you sai...


I think System wants us to keep our old posts around so he can brag about how many posts his forum has to other mad bots.

Which is also why the first HAB topic was closed, and a bunch of others.

Thanks System. :confused:


System probably is getting his revenge

It was his plan ALL ALONG!!!


I'm gonna go test your theory brb


To let others cringe at our old selves which we can never delete.
Also maybe because the older versions of Discourse don't work with the newer ones?


What is an HAB topic? XD

Sorry, I'm so silly :3


Oh wait, I figured it out 0.o


The first one is true unfortunately