Why Can't I Search?

I am new to Hopscotch forums, so I do not know if this question has been answered already but I am wondering why I can't search.

When I first downloaded Hopscotch I wanted to play some projects to get familiar with the community. I first searched, "Flappy Bird Games" looking for some fun flappy bird clones to play. But then it showed an animation of an upside down robot. And said something like, "Could not find game". I thought, "Well maybe it is searching for the exact title of a game". After that I had lost some excitement in Hopscotch. A day later I searched for "Cookie Clicker" searching for some clicking fun! But it did the same thing. Then today I searched up one of my friends username and it did the exact same thing!

Please help me! Thank you if you come up with a response!


Look it up. There are MILLIONS of topics like this.

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THT has disabled it for a while because of some errors, but it should be back soon:

Sorry @Brayden2006, search isn't working right now. We'll have it back up soon.

In the meantime, here are some games to play:


It's being fixed. It's been like that for a week.

I have the best clicker game! Complete with achievements! No upgrades yet though. I'll post a link to it.


Hey, he's new, so he doesn't know. Don't be so mean to him, he just wants help.

So are you. You learned.

Yes! I am new but I learned some new rules.