Why can't I @ people in my description but others can?


Fail topic

It failed because something was wong



I honestly have no idea whatsoever.

WILD GUESS: Maybe it's because you're doing it to yourself? I don't know... /(•__•)\


Just save and re-open the hopscptch forum :D


It shows up when you Save Changes, but it doesn't show up while you edit. It also won't tag the person.


@CheckyWecky your email shows :0 please edit that!


Yo dude your email shows a strangers gonna kidnap you and billy the fridge is gonna come to your house and sit on you YEAH RIGHT


Lol. Billy The Fridge. So orriginal.


That hurts my feelings man


I'm really sorry I did that. I COMPLETELY did not see that.

Flag me if you want

Will I get suspended?



Not at all, no suspensions.

We've all made mistakes, this is just a small reminder to be a bit more cautious at times when showing setting things. Others have done this as well. Just repost everything, but draw over the email part. :slight_smile: