Why can't I lose my regular rank?


I was gone for like the whole summer and I still haven't lost my regular?
Even if I tired I can't lose it

I'm not saying I want to lose it but I want to say why can't I lose it


Wow!!! Were you on at least once in the summer


Did a mod lock your trust level? They can do that :D


Idk, but I thought I would loose mine too because I've barely have been reading anything. :thinking:


Idk maybe magic happened


Omg ur magical XD


Maybe I should tag @PopTart0219


It's either locked or you've been peeking at the forum a lot during your break.


I don't know, and you have your title left. The mods are removing the titles.


It is a DOS title, I believe.


I have 450+ unread :worried: