Why can't I change my username on the forum!?


Plz help me cuz I can't change my username on the forum!


I think you have to ask @Liza to do that


Oh ok @Liza can u change my username plz


But why?


It could break the forum because of the whole tags being broken like @Over_powered_wizard1


But I don't like having 2 usernames and I don't want to make another account


True I think it's only been done to @Kiwicute2016 so she could go from Kiwicute2015 to 2016


I changed my Turdl account and it let me do it


It's to prevent tags from breaking.


Also to Anonemus's second account


But it won't let me do it to this account


Only really new accounts have the option.
Liza and the other admins rarely ever change it.


Because only Mods and Admins can do it :wink:


But i don't care if my tags break OMG JUST CHANGE MY USERNAME


Chillax. And it could crash the forum as I mentioned earlier :confused:


Any admin change my username


You can change your username as a new user, but after that, you can't. It would make the forum adjust to all the new name changes, confuse people, and just wouldn't work overall.


Well that shouldn't happen


If you really want it then just ask @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman :wink:


I'm sorry, but we can't change your username. It will break the @ing system, and the forum could crash, like @KVJ said.