Why can't edit the ŦIŦLE of a topic?


I just turned regular a week ago, and I can't edit ti.tles! I don't know why... and I don't see the word "regular" next to my profile picture. Does anyone know the answer to these questions?
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Community Noticeboard (unofficial) Week 02/12/17

There should be a pencil next to the title.
Go to preferences on your profile and you can change your title (regular title)


Oh, thanks!


I still can't edit a title though.


That's odd. It does say 'Regular' next to your name, though.


That's because they changed it after the topic was made

@PIANOMAN it must be a glitch or something. THT might know what's happening


It's a problem related to the forum ^_^

(That's 3 topics with that link and another one here: Disapproved Letters/Phrases in Topic Names)


Please don't tag the THT for forum-related bugs. They don't control the forums...

As for your question, what happens when you try to edit it?


If a part of the title contains a word from the censored word list, it shows you the bad word in a message, and it won't let you save the edit.

I just know that THT do pay for these forums, and if they run into a problem they ask Discourse. so it makes sense for Hopscotchers to let THT know about problems on here so they can do whatever needs to be done (like I think they would contact Discourse if they need to) ^_^


There is no pencil!! Edit:Wait never mind. I see it I thought was on the bottom.

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So, do you still need help?

If so, the pencil is to the right of the title and when you click on it you should see a box as though you are typing normally on the forum. Edit the title and click the check box.

If not, can we recycle this :D

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When you click the pencil, it should say this:

Click the checkmark to save your edits. Edit the title by changing the text in the title text box . You can change category and add tags too.
I hope it will work now.


I don't know.

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