Why Bad Grammar?


Why does the forum have bad grammar and spelling mistakes?!?

Spelling and Grammar Errors

Because nobody's perfect and some people like me usually just love to not write with good grammar :0


Yeah. But it sometimes is hard to understand!!


Sometimes you have to deal with it. It's the internet. It's pretty much impossible for everyone to have perfect grammar all the time.


Hmm, either try sounding the words out to yourself :D

Say someone says "I dint have any icecream!"

"dint" is a spelling mistake I make all the time but you can say it aloud or just read the sentence and you can realize it means don't :D


Yeah. I learned that the hard way!!


Yeah I guess.. But other words I don't understand.


Well I mean there isn't much we we can, it is the Internet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Just ask them what the word is :)



Unfortunately most devices don't correct you're (heehee) grammar.


Gosh I'm actually really bugged by that one!


I try and use the best grammar I can, but this is the Internet.


Oh, then I'll stop. I should. It's interfering with my actual grammar.

  1. Most people do it on purpose, it's sort of like a whole new language, like using 'fren' for 'friend.' :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Nobody's perfect, some people just make mistakes with that stuff, like using 'your' when they should be using 'you're.'


I practically scream when people say stuff like "Your so nice" or "You're project was so good!"


Yeah I think it's fine for people to have bad grammar, if you don't understand it you can just ask them what it means.


^^the post above is mah.


Sooo me.


If you're talking about me, I'm Russian, and English isn't my native language. I started learning English in 2014.


I can't speak English very good. It isn't my language.


You both have really good English! :D