Why are you on Hopscotch?


I am on Hopscotch because I love to code!! Why are you on Hopscocth? Here you can tell us and know why other people are on Hopscocth!!


Because someone told me to


Haha!! That is very funny!!


But its true ¯_(ツ)_/¯





I'm on hospcotch becuase I love it!

I love it so much I met Liza, Rodrigo, and the entire team this summer :D

They and the whole community are absolutely amazing, I love the app and I love coding on it, and making new friends!


I'm on HS because I just found out about it at school!!!
And I love LOVE HS!


Awesome!! I can't believe you met the team!!


Cool. I found out because my dad showed me!!


:D they are seriously amazing people!

Some others have met them before too!


So cool!! I would love to meet them!!


I went on hopscotch cause my little sister introduced me to it.
Then I gave up and went on again.
Repeat 3 times.


:D if your ever going to Mid Town Manhattan NYC definatly ask your parents! :D


I use HS because I was bored one day and looked for coding stuff in the App Store (^-^)


Oh my goodness. I am going to Manhattan NY in December sometime!!


Wait, who told you again? Also, I'm here because of @PixelMaster64



You actually
but my memory is fading a little....





Let's see


I told @KarmicSans2

I told u or he told u idk

Someone told @PieLover36868

I have no idea how @BlueStarGirl found out


Well, who cares! All that matters is that we found it.