Why are you flagging?


I get that people flag others for inappropriate or mean posts, but some people flag for no reason. I saw that some of @Intellection74's post were flagged, when they were okay posts. ALL of @seawolfwerehorse's post are flagged.


That's becusse these people were banned!

Intelection was banned by accident and SWW was banned for a reason.


They were banned/suspended

Inty was purposely banned by BAS to sort out some issues with her account :wink:


Those were hidden because those users were/are blocked. Intellection was blocked temporarily by BAS to fix something on her account.

Other spam-flags are just denied usually.


seawolfwerehorse was suspended for good
And Intellection74s account was being tested on


Okay, but why are others flagged when they weren't banned, and their post was neutral?


People that are banned, all posts are flagged :wink:

@Intellection74 was banned cause BAS had to fix something, so he banned, and un banned her :D


SWWH was blocked from the forum, and when you're blocked your posts are automatically flagged.

BAS was trying to fix something on Inty's account and had to block her temporarily to fix it...so her posts were accidentally blocked. So the old ones are hidden still though they are trying to fix that. The new ones aren't hidden.


Besides mods check all flags so unnecessary flags are discarded :wink:


@seawolfwerehorse was banned because he/she was violating the community guidelines, and when your banned all you posts automatically get flagged.
With @Intellection74, @BuildASnowman was fixing something in her account and had to suspend her.


Intellection's a girl lol

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I'm so out of the orbit XD

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What did swwh do? I wasn't here


It's best not to gossop. :wink:


No, Intellection's was not by accident I believe.


Gossop very good spelling