Why are walruses on the forum


If you've seen me post pictures of walruses in random topics, don't fret, my friend dared me to so I had to


Fine but seriously on #likeagirl? Why not some ware else


Random topics, I chose the ones that were at the top


I don't think that this is productive for the forum... Could you please stop?


He/she is right please stop


Just because your friend dared you to doesn't mean you have to do it. Posting random photos of walruses isn't related to Hopscotch and it is just spam. You could delete the posts with walruses bu clicking the 3 dots at the bottom of your post, then clicking the trash can. It would help clean up the forum a lot.


You could of said that that was breaking the forum rule :wink:


You aren't being hopscotch related, just remember that in the future :wink:


Oh no! Friends and dares! Yikes! The forum is for helping others and spreading ideas! Keep things Hopscotch related and you'll be a pro! Tell your friend that to spam isn't cool, and have him/her contribute to the forums like the rest of us!