Why Are Titles Popular?


I have a questions for everyone! When did titles get so popular? I don't know how long mods have had this ability, but they're the latest fad! People seem to be requesting them everyday even after mods said they aren't taking requests. This is not directed at anyone! I'm just curious!




I... really don't know. Maybe just because they're different, they all want the thing some other people got.


Nice question! Lately everyone has been wanting titles! XD

I think it's because they're unique and...I don't really know. XD I guess they're fun and cool to have! :D

Here's a like! :D <3


If I Got A Title It Would Be "I'm A Curious Cat"


Or ":3"


I'd love a title it's just my mind doesn't give me good ideas like that and of course, requests are not open.


Well, they're rare... and personalized...

So I guess that's the thing that attracts attention! :D
lol i just use mai location things


I would like a title…
…but I'm not Regular…


Members can get titles by mods.


I wish that my title would be I'm not a dude. I'm a dudette.




I'm a dudette lol.:laughing:


:scream::scream::scream: A Dudette?


Yep! A dudette.
Or dudess


What would @Dude73 think of that…?

To the topic: le shrug




I think it is amazing! :D

im a dudette lol


Titles are AWESOME
Well I think it's just fun to read what other people's titles are, and I think they just look cool.
If I had a title it would be something like
"Cupcakes, they rule the world"
"Cakey Gum"
"QuAk qUaK"
What Would be a Mix Between Bubblegum and Cupcakes Be?
"Hello... Can you hear me"
"I liek cupcakes"
"Eat my cupcakes"
(I know some of these might be too long, but.....)


My title would be either...

Donuts are essential for a healthy diet.
Donuts shall rule the world.