Why are some people still using FMTL?



Ok, no, I'm not confused about the Friendly Mass Tagging List. But I'm just wondering why some people are using it. Idk what happened with that list, but I thought we had OMTL? When I'm totally confused :thinking::flushed:


@CandyCane I know ur hiding


They should be using the OMTL


But what is the difference Deneen FTML and OTML???


The OMTL, created by Poptart0219, is the only mass tag list that is allowed. The FMTL was created a long time ago by Rawrbear, but isn't in use anymore and is not allowed.


I will make a topic about the history of Mass Tagging soon :stuck_out_tongue:


WHat does this mean?


That probably means he edited the title.
What was the title before?