Why Are Private Messages Not Allowed? -Forum Question-Discussion Topic


Well I made up a bunch of things THT could do to better moderate PMs


It’s sorta common sense why not. It’s a forum which is a place to collaborate and discuss. Not direct messages apps.


There actually is a way to make PMs the admin can’t see. It was a big thing last year.


Yeah I know it is through asking to join a group


Yeah it works if you have to request to join a group


Well you can get banned if you just use it to talk to someone


Lol but no one knows you’re doing it so how can you get caught


… the mods know about the pms?? you’d get banned if you had an unauthorized one probably


The moderators can know


yeaaah they do

how do you know they don’t care?


they probably saw.

the mods are smarter than they seem…




I talk to all my forum friends on insta because god forbid I want to send a pic of my face diving into a taco to a friend






Mods can’t see PMs.


First of all, great topic. This is an AWESOME debate question to ask on the forum.

I think restrictions are put on private messaging because I am pretty sure they can be super easily hacked (I may be wrong, I am totally unsure of this) and also people may say hurtful things, and by the time THT gets a chance to remove it, the damage probably was already done…
I wish there was a safer way to private messages, like restricted language and stuff. That would solve I think all of the above issues and would be similar to private messaging.


Please explain this.


The forum can’t exactly be hacked because unlike hopscotch where you can access JSON, I think THT restricted that stuff.


Becaus of something that happened 2 1/2 years ago.
(Before I joined so don’t ask me anything)