Why Are Private Messages Not Allowed? -Forum Question-Discussion Topic

The more I think about it the weirder I think it is…

Why is Private Messaging restricted on the forum?

My own opinions-
I feel like if we were allowed to make them it would clear out a bunch of unnecessary topics. I really don’t see any negatives. The t makes sharing HS passwords for collabs easier, judging for contests easier, and just sharing other things that you don’t want everyone to know. So why aren’t we allowed to make them?

Ways To Get Passed This-
When requesting to join a group it starts a Private Message with the owner(s) of the group, which is intended to explain why you should join the group. But you could use it to talk privately with those people!

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Other ways to get by this(add your own!)-

Remove — invite them


Mods can’t moderate the private message all the time, so people could do bad things in the private topic.


I think it wasn’t allowed because you could share personal information (idk)


I think I have the post about it somewhere…


But can mods view PMs?


Yes, but they’re not on all the time


Well they can’t moderate the topics all the time either


I don’t know why. This would be a good thing, if we could actually do pms


whelp this will do


Well how about Regulars can make PMs? Or maybe the mods can make more restrictions

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Even regulars shouldn’t be trusted ;p

idk if there was a ban on it at that time, but the leaders could pm each other I think?? regulars can get regular by just doing the stuff.

and how could the mods make more restrictions?


Like the PM has to go through an approval process

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whelp I don’t think tht could do that?? discourse would have to make the changes?.

1.Well I mean you would tell the mods you want to make a PM and then they could allow you to make one. I don’t know if there is an option that Cancun restrict someone from making PMs temporarily, it then you could make one and then they could ban it again.
2.A small limit to the amount of replies you could have. Like let’s say there is a limit to 100 replies per PM. This could almost guarantee that you can’t be having whole Flame Wars and things, assuring that people won’t being doing much in these PMs. This combined with the idea above can make things easy to moderate.
3.Moderators make the PMs. So even though mods still do make PMs for us occasionally, they can e more open to making them for people so they can more closely moderate the PMs. This is probably the best option because it limits the amount of PMs on the forum.

I think a combination of these 3 ideas will make PMs easy to moderate,
@Liza @AwesomeOnion @Rodrigo
Can you please consider?

  1. t1 made some before she became inactive?? I’d theres ever another mod theyd probably do that too
  2. Still, this bring up the topic of that THT didn’t make the forum? They could ask Discourse, but I doubt that would happen.
  3. yeah, t1 did that I think

t1 made PMs before she left and only discourse can limit the number of replies to a pm. It’s unlikely that they’d change it.


I know t1 made PMs for like contests and collabs


Why do you think? There’s no need to tag THT.

People think they can talk private and would go way off topic.

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Well I made up a bunch of things THT could do to better moderate PMs