Why are People Mean on my Projects?



remember, i am a living lie detector, watch out :no_mouth:


I'm kind of the same. I'm a human spell check and pronunciation check.


but litterally, how could half fish people exist? one claiming to be one told me to be nice. and vampire12 said "get your facts down before you write them on paper"


I believe in mermaids and don't you guys go bombsters on my opinion


Ugh seriously my hopscotch server is down!


dont go bombsters on my opinions then!


I never did go bombsters in you!


Did you mean "on?" 20202020202020


Yes I know spell check again


it's wonka again!


Vampires exist in Romania:smile::smile:


And in Venice! (Doctor Who refrence)


Oh ok.. Brb checking vampire12's projects to see if he/she made a post About Romania
EDIT: vampire12 said nothing about Romania so I guess maybe he/she is pretending to be a vampire in an RP or somethings like that.....?


oh noes, discourse is not called course!


i dont believe in those people with sharp teeth running around killing people and eating them.


Lol please back on topic guys (I hate to say that though because you guys are hilarious )


This really hurt my feelings


Omg 20202020200220020 I'm speechless


Yes, and btw this is a fake Sassysinger this is actually the account
For Artists Only


■■■■■? really? i dont get it?